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Our innovation and solutions change the way communities live.
Sensoquip Technologies is an Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa , and was established in 2005. With an emphasis on leadership and collaboration, our talented team of engineering personnel works hard to deliver high-quality solutions.

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Established in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sensoquip Technologies has built an enviable reputation over the years for quality engineering and related services.

The company specializes in the provision of engineering solutions, with the capability to take on almost any client requirement, from domestic lighting to designing and installing energy efficient systems. 

We specialize in the most challenging and varied projects in our field. 
The key to our growth has been the provision of timely technical support and diverse solutions to engineering related applications. 

Our support system has been geared to meet our clients' needs by always recommending the right solution for the application and/or specification in question and has therefore resulted in a high rate of repeat business and positive referrals.

Our growth has come from engineering firms, manufacturing firms, processing plants, the construction industry, the mining industry, as well as mining affiliated firms. 

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We provide innovative engineering solutions and implement them in projects that benefit a variety of industries. namely: 

General Industry & Manufacturing
Commercial & Domestic Sectors
Water and Waste Water
Power Generation 
Food & Beverage
Metals & Mining  

Our engineering services are meticulously co-ordinated to provide efficient and sustainable solutions with lasting results.

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Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Electrical Equipment:
- Lighting Systems

- Mini-Subs

- Motors

- Generators

- Switchgear

- Uninterruptible Power Supply Units

- Cables

- Protection

- Solar Systems

- Distribution Boards

- Control Centres

- Transformers

Electricity Station
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Automation Equipment:
- Variable Speed Drives

- Soft Starters

- Programmable Logic Controllers

- Human Machine Interfaces

- Industrial Networks

- Wireless Communication

- Gateways


Process Instrumentation Equipment:
- Flow

- Level

- Pressure

- Temperature

- Sensors

- Gas Detection & Monitoring Systems

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Electrical Construction Plans

Engineering Services

- Building management & security systems

- Installation, commissioning, calibration & servicing of 
   electrical & instrumentation equipment

- Turnkey project consultancy & management

- Compliance testing

- Service level agreements

- After-sales support


The advancement of digitalization and the growing demand for industry 4.0 represent a comprehensive change in automation. The key to cope is digital communication, which enables machine data exchange and integration of automation in higher IT level systems.
Have a look at our range of solutions for industrial communication and digitalization of production.


Industrial Gateways

Gateways & Links enable the coupling of various Ethernet-based and serial industrial bus systems as well as access to OT networks from the IT level.
They make use of existing assets and open the way for future Industrial Internet of Things use cases.

  • Gateways for multi-protocol process control - Is part of the control process; Connects the controller with the devices; Converts the communication protocol of the controller to that of the devices and vice versa

  • Gateways for field device access parallel to the controller - Installed in addition to the control process; Connects applications (asset management, device parameterization, IIoT) with the devices; Access to device data for monitoring, analysis and optimization

  • Gateways for access of controller data - Vertical and horizontal PLC data integration into local applications and the cloud; Secure machine data delivery from the production level to the IT world


OPC & OPC UA Software Platform

Software products such as OPC servers, OPC middleware and IT / OT integration solutions enable secure and reliable data integration – locally or into the cloud. This creates a foundation for optimizing processes and technical installations.

  • OPC Server & Middleware - OPC server and middleware for secure and reliable data integration; Universal all-in-one solution for OPC communication - gateway to big data and IoT cloud solutions

  • Integration Platform - Software for IT / OT integration based on the OPC UA interoperability standard


Industrial USB and Bluetooth Modems

USB & Bluetooth Modems enable computers, tablets and smart phones to access various protocols and physical layers. Our products enable parameterization, commissioning and maintenance of field devices through plug & play solutions or comprehensible APIs. They provide flexibility and are suitable for use in hazardous areas.

  • mobiLink - Mobile interface for HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA

  • mobiLink Power - Mobile interface for HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA

  • PBpro USB - Plant Asset Management with monitoring of PROFIBUS networks

  • CANpro USB - CAN single-channel USB interface card

  • CAN pro USB embedded - CAN single-channel USB interface card without housing


Network Testers and Analyzers

Network testers & analyzers test the connectivity & durability of wired assemblies & parameters of industrial communication networks. Our solutions are suitable for quality assurance during installation, commissioning & for maximum plant availability requirement. They reduce costs, by reducing downtime due to network failure.

  • PROFIBUS Tester 5 - All-in-one mobile instrument for testing cabling, commissioning, acceptance testing & troubleshooting PROFIBUS networks.

  • Analyzer IE - PC software for commissioning, acceptance testing and troubleshooting Industrial Ethernet Networks, like PROFINET Networks.

  • Analyzer PRO - PC software for commissioning, acceptance testing and troubleshooting Industrial Ethernet Networks, like PROFINET Networks, including network tap to carry out the telegram analysis.


Network Management Tools

Network Management tools enable commissioning, monitoring & troubleshooting of devices.
Our set of tools is an easy to integrate solution for permanent monitoring, commission & acceptance, network documentation, plant asset management & predictive maintenance.

  • smartLink HW-DP - Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks

  • TH LINK Industrial Ethernet - Diagnostics of Industrial Ethernet networks independent from controller and control room

  • TH LINK PROFINET - PROFINET diagnostics independent from controller and control room

  • TH SCOPE - Software for monitoring and for management of industrial networks for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP

  • TH LINK PC Industrial Ethernet - Controller independent diagnostics of ethernet based industrial networks

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